I’m always on the lookout for helpful, proactive sites that encourage me in the role of parenting. Many sites are great but they don’t necessarily reach me, where I’m at… nor speak to our family and where we’re at. Some sites are beautiful to look at and are highly idealistic but I come away feeling inadequate or like I failure… as though we have fallen short. But I have been meaning to share a site that is not like that at all. It offers daily inspiration and tips and is one of the most practical sites I’ve seen in some time. It isn’t primarily for those picture-perfect homeschool families although they will still get a lot out of the daily tips.

Heartlight Ministries is written by Mark Gregston, the Founder and Executive Director. Heartlight Ministries is a Christian residential counseling program for struggling teenagers, located in East Texas. The Heartlight Ministries blog has a brief daily podcast which every parent will find helpful. If you’re on Facebook you can also like their page and will receive the tips via your newsfeed.

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Another Free E-Book! Developing Rules and Boundaries for your Teen.

Why do I like this so much? Because it is *so* good. Here’s the message for today, which you can find here.

Teens Finding A Place Of Peace

Your home should be a retreat for your teenager from the pressures of their life, not a place of conflict and anguish.

With all the stresses on teens today, your home needs to be that one place where your teen can find peace, encouragement and unconditional love. It should be a refuge, where they gladly return for refreshment.

If it isn’t, they’ll seek refuge in other places, like the home of their peers. They’ll hang out with friends for as many hours as they can. And they’ll participate in whatever their peers are doing, just to fit in.

Parents, your most powerful tool against negative peer pressure is to have a home that your teen loves coming home to.

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Heartlightministries.org/troubled teens warning signs