angrymanWhat is it with me and perspective so far this year? Anyone might think I’m turning 40 this year!  :silly:

Just a funny…although it’s probably only funny in our home, to us.

John doesn’t understand how I can build e-commerce websites and community websites that serve over 900 people yet I’m still technologically challenged with everyday household goods, like the TV, and x-box. (But, we have 4 remote controls with 2 recording devices and it all runs through his computer! C’mon, could you be bothered with that?)

I don’t understand how he can fix any gadget that has ever broken in our home…he can do all the back-end work of my websites (servers, php, etc) and can program his computer to record a TV show yet he can’t figure out an easy-peasy blogging platform like WordPress. Ha! I love it! :inlove: And he calls me technologically challenged. Uhuh. Sure honey…whatever you say.


Perspective eh?