Some of you may have seen the show on tv last night…or seen the book in the shops…or heard the latest rave…all about the new book called The Secret.

I haven’t read it, nor will I. (Mind you, I’m not one to shy away from reading a book just because it is controversial…but this book is catching so many Christians unawares.) I have a few online friends who have read it and wrote about it and as I’ve read their posts and spoken with them, I know that I will not read the book- I believe it is contrary to God’s word, even though it sounds all spiritual and is apparently being used in some churches.

I’d like to list a few links for those who are interested:

Baptist Press – First Person, The Secret by Don Whitney

World Net Daily – Oprah’s got a secret by Joseph Farah

Robin’s thoughts– from Heart of Wisdom and she also writes here on her new blog: Looking for the secret.

Bill Muehlenberg posts his thoughts here and here.

Don’t just read this information and keep it to yourself. As parent’s we need to understand WHAT we believe and WHY…so that we can teach our children the truth of God’s word. Share your learnings with your children- inoculate them against false teaching and error.