My days have seemed, at times, to drag on while the years have just flown by!

I often wondered why there weren’t many parents of teens around the forums. I wanted to glean from them but they often weren’t around and if they were, they didn’t seem to be talking about the same kind of homeschooling messages that I wanted to hear.

Now, I think I am one of them. I love to talk and write about what we’re doing but a few things things roam through my head.

Life is an Education – Life Happens

Bookwork, lessons and learning just quietly potter along in the background- automatic pilot. I used to get so excited over teaching the children and then seeing them make connections and grow academically but after awhile I realised that they would continue to learn what they needed to know regardless of how much I stressed, planned or pondered over their curriculum. I also find it so much more exciting to witness their character growth, their developments as people rather than simply their academic achievements. But I’m not going to brag, er write about all that, am I? So, as real life has become more in our lives, the bookwork has taken a backseat.


My children’s privacy. Years ago, online, I used to share my children’s narrations and all those other little things that are cute, funny, weird, unusual and make for good blog fodder but as they’ve gotten older I’ve come to see that I need to respect their privacy more. Yes, many people know of my children. Many people know that one of my children was a very late reader…that one struggles with Maths…etc but as they get older, I don’t want other homeschoolers to recognise them as “Susan’s child- the one that struggled with maths“. So, as my children have started to experience more of life and developed their own interests, I have wanted to share but I respect their privacy as well. But also, who really wants to hear about coffee beans, coffee grinding, and roasting as well as milk texturing and pouring all the time?

Developing My Own Interests

The other point is that I have been able to develop my own interests. I have been able to take on my own projects which may or may not be directly related to home education. They are related because home education is a lifestyle but in another sense, they are *my* passion and interest and others will most likely bore of them.

Maybe this is all part of the circle… maybe I’m not meant to stay around forever. I love and appreciate Beverley Paine and her commitment to the homeschooling community and there was a time when I wanted to always be around for supporting the homeschooling community, but I don’t know if it is right for me to do so. Times change, circumstances change, movements evolve…I need to move on too.

I’d love to be as articulate as a dear friend of mine who is beginning to post regularly, but alas my verbosity is nowhere near as rich, concise or relevant as her. If you like to be mentally stimulated, do check out BeyondBluestockings.

So, if you want to hear all about coffee, Air Force Cadets, web design, web tools, Bible study, my latest rants on social issues and what we’re having for tea, feel free to visit my blog as I may decide to post here. Then again, I may not. I don’t know. I just know that I’m not the right person to be raving on about curriculum choices and occupying toddlers. Who knows? Maybe it will all come back to me when I’m a grandma eh?