Originally posted on September 1, 2005

Our home is noisy! Our home is loud! And is filled with constant talk! But, this is a good thing- discussion is a cord that helps to bind the family together. Nevertheless, constant talk can be a drain upon others and it isn’t necessarily beneficial for the talker either. We have discussed a few slogans that have been able to help us to control our tongue- I’ll share them here.

think principle

Speak when the words build up.
Speak if the words bring a smile.
Speak where reassurance is needed.
Speak what gives hearts courage.
Speak how He would.
Words that encourage. Words that give life. Words that bless. If you have those kinds of words on the tip of your tongue, then please speak.
Otherwise, maybe it is best not to.

“If you have a message of encouragement for the people, please speak.”
~Acts 13:15