Sunset Beach by Diane Romanello

  • Dr. Albert Mohler wrote The Marks of Manhood, (When does a boy become a man?) which I think is great.
  • Last year we bawled through, er watched the made-for-tv movie, Gifted Hands, the story of Ben Carson. I might be the only adult believer who hasn’t read the book yet… and I am asking myself why this is so. I cannot believe I haven’t read this inspiring biography. If you haven’t watched this movie with your children then please, run out to the video store and hire it. You will not be disappointed. And if you are, well I won’t say anymore.   This movie has affected me so profoundly… but time will tell, won’t it. (Maybe I’ll write how this movie and book has affected our parenting and homeschooling style)
  • And lastly, I’m sure you all know about this movie review site but just in case you don’t I’ll mention it again. Plugged In Online is a fantastic review site. It is a sister site of Focus on the Family and it is my go-to site for reviews of movies. Why? because it doesn’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t watch. Rather it gives me the details of the movie without revealing the spoilers. It details the positive elements, the sexual, violent, drug/alcohol and language content, and lets me decide from there.