pantry_topI’ve spent the last few days slowly de-cluttering some rooms and areas. I’m a hoarder by nature and I don’t find it easy to throw things out yet with all our house moves it is getting easier. Actually, discerning WHY I hoard things was a real eye-opener for me. I’m not usually one to blame everything on my childhood or upbringing but in this instance I realised that I had taken some things from my childhood and carried them into my adulthood.

The pantry is one area that I can tend to hoard things. I like the feeling of an over stocked pantry. It sends me a message that I’m not going to go hungry or have to eat miserably- that I have choice. There are so many problems with the root of my hoarding that I needed to go to the Cross with it all- and then I need to take steps to check myself and that I am continuing to trust God. So this is why I clean out my pantry. It’s not because I am a deep seated organisational type. Oh, to be one of those people! But because I can revert to hoarding instead of trusting God.

pantry_botSo I have cleaned out my pantry and linen cupboards. The pictures above are of the highly organised, yet rather empty looking pantry. I threw out so much out-of-date food is was shameful. Yet at least now I can find what food we do have!

The children are de-cluttering their bedrooms. ‘Miss A’ remarked on how freeing it all was. I hope she remembers and carries that trait with her into her adulthood.

Robin’s Heart at Home blog is an excellent source of motivation and inspiration for me. If you’re interested in organisation and homemaking, be sure to check our her blog.

Have you de-cluttered or reorganised lately? Care to share any ‘before and after’ shots? 😯