Okay, I’ll confess…I’m a Flylady Flunkie. Nope, not just once but three times!!!! Yes, three times I’ve tried to do the Flylady program as it looks so good…but I just couldn’t tweak it to suit, nor could I apply it to myself.

However, I stumbled (actually it was more clicked) my way through a site which has helped me! It is called Large Family Logistics. While I don’t have a large family, or as large as some of these families, I certainly do need all the organisational help I can get. I have tweaked some things to suit my family and for a few weeks now, I’ve been organised, tidy and clean and spent time with the children doing good things.

My household routine is:

  • Monday ~ Laundry & Kitchen Day (All washing, drying, folding, ironing and putting away.) ‘Miss A’ does cleans the kitchen.
  • Tuesday ~ Bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Wednesday ~ Home Office/Study Day. Organise finances, file all papers, clean study area, post letters, meny plan, and shopping lists. This works well as it is the day before…Town Day.
  • Thursday ~ Town Day. The kitchen is clean ready for the groceries. The finances are in order, ready for shopping and bill paying. The meal for today is organised from the day before.
  • Friday ~ Cleaning and/or Town Day. On pay week, we will go to town again and get further supplies or when it is off-pay week, we go through the house from top to bottom.
  • Saturday ~ Outside Day. The girls and I go to softball while John stays at home with the boys and sometimes tends to the yard and garden. (Also John’s Shed Day)

Particular Protocol for Jobs.
After spending time at this site I decided to make my own Protocol Sheets, which have been laminated and are in easy reach. We have protocols for? Dishes Duty and Pre-Tea Chores, Bathroom and Bedroom work. I’ve always liked using standard sheets so that I can refer to them – I also feel that it makes me not nag.

Anyway, just wanted to post about this site as I have found it helpful.