Have I mentioned Beverley Paine’s website? HomeschoolAustralia. Oh, I have been remiss. You will want to check it out, but brew a fresh cuppa first as you can expect to be there awhile. 🙂

When we first started learning at home, there was nowhere near the amount of information available as there is now. But, there was Beverley Paine and her books! Beverley is very generous with her time and knowledge and is a great pioneer in the area of Australian Home Education. Don’t be too quick to look at the expensive, glossy, over priced books that often flood the market today…reach instead for some tried and true, down-to-earth, practical insight and purchase Beverley’s books.

Beverley began writing for home educators in 1989 an continues to add to her growing collection of homeschooling and unschooling titles. Her aim is to demystify the education process and make it accessible to all parents. She began home educating her children when it was almost unheard of in Australia and is a passionate advocate of true educational choice for families. She shares her perspective as well as great ideas to motivate and help you enjoy this wonderful family adventure through articles and books and online at www.homeschoolaustralia.com .

She has sections and sites for getting started, reviews, a blog, resources and a monthly newsletter, which you will want to subscribe to.

Whether or not you’re looking at starting the home education adventure or have been living the lifestyle for awhile, you will find something of interest at Beverley’s site, HomeschoolAustralia. Other sites are: