We had visitors the other day! Friends that we hadn’t seen for several months. It was wonderful time of fellowship and general catching up. A memorable highlight was when the little 5yo daughter came running out of the car, whizzing straight past me and bounded straight into the arms of Bek. (12yodd) Full of heart-felt emotion she exclaimed,
“Oh, I’ve missed you so much!” as she continued to hug a smiling and touched Bek. Bek and I talked later on that evening and she was so surprised that this darling little girl had remembered her (it had been several months since they had seen each other). We were able to talk about the impact that we can have on other people’s lives if we only take time to build relationships.

I have always tried to encourage my daughters to spend time with younger children whenever we are out at homeschooling meetings or when we have visitors. Playing with little children is very natural for Bek while ‘Miss A’ finds it a little more difficult. Nevertheless, ‘Miss A’ gets on well with all ages but isn’t as drawn to younger children…usually. I have reminded the girls of how they have felt when older children had taken an interest in them and now they can do that for others. I love having visitors! Aside from fellowship and catching up, there are so many learning opportunities.

Training, guiding, correcting, and encouragement (discipleship) are all preparing our children for their life purpose. Home truly is a wonderful preparation ground.

Today, I’m feeling very blessed to be able to have all of my children at home with me, to share my life with them and to guide them with theirs and that I have a great relationship with them.

Thank you Lord, for my life, that I’m in a situation where I can be at home, discipling our children every day, that my husband is working his best to provide for us which allows me to be at home. I’m so glad that I have this opportunity. Please help me to make the most of my days and the opportunities that come along.