As a home-school family, we have actually finished a curriculum resource! We actually used it from beginning to end- I am so surprised yet happy as I have that rare feeling of seeing something through to completion.

We have finished our Heart of Wisdom unit~ Adam to Abraham. We all enjoyed it and all of the children learned a lot. We also finished ?Adam and His Kin? and the children enjoyed it a lot more than the last time I tried to read it aloud. I started it a few years ago but I think that the girls might have been a bit too young and not have had as many *mental hooks* in place. This time round, it tied in beautifully with the HOW unit and was thoroughly enjoyed by all- even the boys. We also finished ?Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? and thought it was a hoot!

So, what next? I am putting the children back on to a more individual schedule as there are some things around the home that I need to focus on.

As a family, we will follow the ?Greenleaf Guide to the Old Testament? and I?m about to start ?Farmer Boy? as the read aloud. We?ll also continue ?The Fallacy Detective? as a family.

The children?s schedules are as follows:

A – dd

Heart of Wisdom unit on? Mesopotamia? along with the historical fiction,? ?God King?.
Finish reading ?Pride and Prejudice?.
English ? Writing for History/Bible, etc along with Wordly Wise.
Maths ? continue with Saxon Maths
Finish Life/Energy unit in Apologia Science
Finish reading ?As You Like It? and then watch a movie version.

R – dd

To read through the youth version of ?Evidence that demands a verdict? by Josh McDowell.
Maths ? continue with Saxon Maths
English ? Wordly Wise, Copywork and Dictation, write a book synopsis on a literature selection.
Read a Shakespeare play thoroughly and then watch a movie version.
Continue on with ?Basic Science Mysteries?.

J – ds

Read from ?Day by Day Bible’? and then narrate to me.
Maths ? Continue with Singapore Maths
English ? Continue with LLATL, Copywork and Dictation, Wordly Wise.
Continue reading ?The Mexican Twins? by Lucy Fitch Perkins and ?The House of Pooh? by A.A. Milne.
Read another Leslie Rees book for Nature Study.
Continue to slowly read through Arthur Mee?s, ?Talks to Boys?.
Read a ?Horrible Science? book and narrate.

C – ds
I haven’t figured this far yet ~ hope to do it tomorrow.