I’m an only child! And I loved it. I just never knew any different.

  • Being an only, I learned to entertain myself and be creative with my imagination.
  • Being an only gave me lots of uninterrupted time…to think and ponder.
  • Being an only child allowed me to have other friends sleep over and become part of our family. My best friend was one of 10 children so she became my mum & dad’s adopted daughter and my sister.
  • Being an only child afforded me to have a special and close relationship with my Mum and Dad.

As I never knew any different I didn’t really wish for anything different. Oh, I do recall asking Mum and Dad for siblings but most children want what they don’t have- it was a fad. I got over it.

We didn’t have much money…we were always fairly poor. But I knew my parents loved me and would bend over backwards to do anything for me that they could. They had a positive attitude and I knew I was loved. I wasn’t showered with material possessions so selfishness never became an issue. My parents just taught me other ways how to share and how to be giving and kind.

Naturally I went everywhere with my parents, so this gave me lots of opportunity for learning how to get on with many others but especially elderly people. I dearly love the elderly and have a great respect for them.

My parents always told me that they would have loved more children, that they tried but they just couldn’t have any more. Knowing that they wanted more children allowed me to see them as more human…it also allowed me to see that the whole world didn’t revolve around me.

I now have four biological children and am blessed to care for my husband’s son (blended family). Sometimes my girls fight and I do not understand it at all. I don’t know how girls can be catty one second and then talk like ‘besties’ the next minute. They tell me it’s a sister thing…I guess I’ll take their word for it because I simply don’t know. Siblings seem to be quite forgiving of each other.

Another hurdle that I had to get over was when I had my own babies. It was all totally foreign to me! I had no idea of what babies entailed…but there are many ways to get round this. We just didn’t know anyone with little children when I was growing up. My mum was quite a bit older when she had me.

The only other hurdle that I had to deal with was that my mum spoiled me. Not in a good way though, more in the true sense of the word, spoiled. She doted on me hand and foot, meaning I simply didn’t learn how to do most things for myself until I got married and was left to sink or swim! Mum regretted not allowing me to do more for myself. She said it was a big mistake of hers and she hoped I would make my children do chores and do things for themselves. Overall, I loved my childhood and wouldn’t have wished for much different.

Yes, that me!

Yes, that me!

How about you? Are you an only child? Why don’t you post about your childhood or birthorder and pop back here and let me know so I can visit your blog?