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Deep S meals with THM

A few weeks ago, someone on the THM in Australia group asked about deep S meals . Here is a brief rundown of what Deep S is and what it is good for. Deep S = high fat, but with fat from only pure sources with negligible carbs (meat, oils, eggs, etc.) Deep S meals...

THM… Finding Your Way

The sisters often encourage us to do THM our way. What does that mean? This is THM your way. And THM, unlike most other eating philosophies, has room for ALL types of people! Your home looks different to mine and they both look different to someone else’s. As they should be.

Hack for Golden Chana Soup (E)

Roasting pre packaged, cheap veggies to an already easy meal = more yumminess and more nutrition. A THM E meal.

Low Carb Milk: THM Friendly (S)

I’ve been on my quest. A quest to satisfy my daily habit. I have tried everything – almond, cashew, coconut, sunflower, flax, hemp and blends but none of them have been able to satisfy me. Until now. The inspiration came to me while making the instant cookie dough protein bars which are yummy and hit the spot. Low Carb Milk.

Why I LOVE Trim Healthy Mama

You know why I love this lifestyle more than any other eating plan I’ve done? Because it isn’t just trim. And it isn’t just healthy. And it isn’t just for me but the whole family. It is Trim *AND* Healthy. It is an eating plan for life that is affordable, sustainable and achievable in the long term.

Typical Meals in my Home

I’m a creature of habit and convenience. I’m a Drive Thru Sue with Purist ideals. This is a typical week’s worth of meals in my home. I don’t like shakes or smoothies and I’m quite conservative with my drinks. I’ll try about 3 shakes or smoothies per year and gag every time. It’s just not my thing. Coffee is though. Hmm coffee. Coffee, chamomile tea, green tea and Good Girl Moonshine are regular drinks. 

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Learning to accept the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation. Trying to rebuild a relationship when there are two very different beliefs about the world, it’s Creator and therefore how we should live as well as how we see the current status of our relationship and everything surrounding it.

Homemade Cashew Milk

Regular readers and friends will know about my search for a dairy milk replacement that I can tolerate. I can't stand Almond Milk unless it is combined with coconut milk but even then I don't really like it, I just manage to tolerate it. So I kept experimenting and...

Just an Ordinary Day

Today was one of those days. Of not coping. As much as I love them I am so over The Wiggles. Do the Propeller, Do the propeller around and around, We’re going up and up and up and up”
Stop Susan, have a normal conversation for once!

The Beauty of Grey

From light grey to darker shades of grey, the complements and contrasts speak of my life. Grey is not just grey!

Green Matcha Yogurt

What is Green Matcha powder and why would anyone eat it?

Not Allowing Social Media to Change my Agenda

Once I check social media, my agenda changes. All good, noble things but it still takes me away from my domain. Have you found scheduling Internet time to be beneficial? Have you found that being online early changes your daily agenda?

Confused by my Grief

It’s been 16 and a half years since Mum passed away. I visited my Mum’s grave last week. And as happened in the past I got angry and frustrated. With myself. I don’t believe she is in the grave. Her body is but her soul has crossed from this earth and this time to that of eternity. I don’t see why the burial plot should hold significance for me.

Sharing My Story Without Over-Sharing

I want to share. There are events in my life that have shaped me, touched me and changed my thinking and my beliefs but I often feel stifled in sharing because I don’t know how to do so in a way that tells only my story.I don’t write much about my children because I want them to own their own story.

Entering the Workforce

A new season of change as this stay-at-home-&-homeschooling mum enters the workforce.

Keeping In Touch When They've All Left Home

How do you keep up with your adult children? How frequently do you talk to your kids and by what means? Just as my relationship with each child was different when we homeschooled, so it is now that they are adults. And so we have different ways and times with each of them.

Four Things I Want In My Life

I don’t do New Year resolutions and haven’t for quite some time. And yet here I am going to post a list of things that I’d like to either achieve, work on or try. But don’t be fooled into thinking it has anything to do with the New Year. It’s just timing.