Yes, I have read the trilogy. Yes, I have watched the movie. Yes, Falcon has also read the trilogy. And yes, as soon as he gets home from camp we will go together and watch the movie. I am using this as a tool- to teach many valuable lessons whilst shielding my son from the harsh realities that exist in the world around us. This is part of our goals, for our children, for our homeschool… Good! Now that’s out of the way. 🙂

** Falcon is a fairly mature 14yo, which is the recommended minimum age for this series.

When looking for articles and reviews on The Hunger Games from a Christian perspective there are a multitude that will say it is not productive, beneficial or the right type of material for Christians to watch. (I have to wonder how many of the nay-sayers have actually read the trilogy though) I guess that all depends upon one’s worldview. We aren’t training our children to be ignorant of the world around them although we desire for them to be innocent of the same practices. (Click here to read a previous post on Training Children in Innocence or Ignorance) Literature is an excellent medium for teaching all kinds of themes and concepts that are simply icky and difficult for young adults to comprehend in the real world.

The following links are not biased with a negative bent toward the books. Just FYI.

I’m not going to write a full review and offer details. The links I provide do a great job of that. If you want to know more, grab yourself a copy of the books and read them for yourself. It’s probably quicker and more beneficial that you do so anyway. For you. They’re not a difficult read. I’d rate them about a Grade 7 level in literary quality.

Good Links for Reading About The Hunger Games


I, in no way, endorse or encourage you to flippantly read the books without careful consideration. I do not agree with the information contained in all these links. These links are for your information.