I hope my dear blogging buddies aren’t hanging out for an enlightening post… as this will just be a quick update on our week, or part thereof.

The week has been all over the place! We received notice that our electricity supply would be cut off on Tuesday for line maintenance. Fair enough. And so it was from 10am until 11pm. Longer than expected.

It went off on Wednesday unexpectedly… so they (electricity people) finally got the street running on a back up generator. Then at 8pm, it went off because they had come to work on it. We were without power until midnight when it went back on the generator.

All day yesterday I expected the power to go off again while they took us off the generator and tried to fix the problem but it didn’t happen. Until last night at 6.30pm. (Just when people get home from work and want to cook tea) Power went out again and didn’t come back on until midnight (on the generator).

I wouldn’t mind so much if they would do a quick letter box drop and let us know. I mean they know it’s going to happen so at least let the street now, right? I can’t figure out why they don’t fix it during the day- why at night?

Our whole neighbourhood is in an uproar… except us. We’re not too fussed. I mean, it can’t be helped so no point in whinging. We see it as a chance for adventure and for character development… and the opportunity to discipline ourselves to ‘make hay while the sun shines‘. Hmmm, thing is we’re doing alright with the attitude stuff, just not with the discipline of making hay.

So if I have been a bit quiet, that’s why.

More later…