The musings of a maniacal, messy mama navigating through the seasons of life. Veteran homeschooler who feels like a newbie. Mama to many adults, and a toddler again. Blended family. Ex-nomadic lifestyle. Follower of Christ.

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Musings of a maniacal, messy mama navigating through the seasons of life. Veteran homeschooler who feels like a newbie. Mama to many adults, and a toddler again. Blended family. Ex-nomadic lifestyle. Follower of Christ.

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Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Learning to accept the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation. Trying to rebuild a relationship when there are two very different beliefs about the world, it’s Creator and therefore how we should live as well as how we see the current status of our relationship and everything surrounding it.

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It’s Not All Up To Me

It’s not possible nor reasonable to train or teach every child every thing they need to learn. I don’t need to do it all. Just as God is perfecting in me His work, so He is with the children. I am not perfecting them – He is. God has begun a good work in me and He will continue it until the Day of Christ.

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Fearless Parenting

I’m not scared anymore. And it’s beautiful. Freeing. Relaxed. And joyful.Too often I tried to influence my little ones. Tried to control them. I micro-managed them. The lessons God has revealed to me have been the only thing that keep me going at times. It is not hopeless, but it isn’t just about homeschooling- it is so much bigger than that. God wants to reach you, to teach you, to blow your mind with Himself. But sometimes, like with me, He has to get some stuff out of the way so that we will listen. To parent out of freedom and grace is refreshing. It’s totally liberating!

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What is the Chief End of Homeschooling?

The Chief End of Homeschooling: there is an eternal reason for all this mess, untidiness, and constant training. That reason is that God wants ALL of us- our entire life. Our goal is to love God and glorify Him forever – in the midst of spilled Weetbix and poopie nappies and children that can’t spell.

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Opening Doors

It’s all too easy for me to say ‘no’. No, no, no! I don’t want my children to remember me as a ‘no mum’. “No” closes doors whereas “yes” opens the door, giving loads of opportunity! Opening the door is like igniting a flame… we never know where it will lead or brightly it will burn. I desire to create an environment that is conducive to pursuing delights, to shape and develop the character traits necessary for a lifelong habit of learning and provide the fuel or rich ideas to stimulate an interest.

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Identity Directed Approach

Identity Directed home-based learning goes hand in hand with a Bible Based, Christ Centred approach. It simply means to teach the child with a view to his/her God given strengths, weaknesses, interest, passions, and talents… their natural bents.

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Lifestyle of Learning

We homeschool with a ‘discipleship method’ or a “Bible-Centred, Eclectic, Discipleship Based, Spirit-Led, Identity-Directed, Relational, Literature Based Learners-at-home” approach. This approach can look a lot like natural learning but in our home, has a few differences.

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The Stages of Learning

We don’t use grade levels in our home…They are distracting and quite irrelevant. The labels of grade/year level can be of some use but I prefer to view things in stages of learning, rather than grades. Stages of learning is much more individual and personal, allowing for uniqueness to shine in the various subjects and topics of interest. While there is a transition that occurs when a child enters from a ‘Collecting Knowledge’ stage to the next stage, ‘Understanding’. The next stage (Wisdom) is very important and most enjoyable…and the one that we parents, need to recognise.

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