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General Musings

Musing and random thoughts at SimplySusan

Four Things I Want In My Life

I don't do New Year resolutions and haven't for quite some time. And yet here I am going to post a list of things that I'd like to either achieve, work on or try. But don't be fooled into thinking it

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True Woman

The way to true femininity, true masculinity, true womanhood, the path to wholeness is to know God and to love Him. The more we know God and understand who He is, the more we understand true

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Keeping In Touch When They’ve All Left Home

The Bravewriter Facebook page posed an interesting question a few days ago. I posted my response but also wanted to elaborate more here. A question for moms with grown kids: How do you keep up with

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The Mess

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Meet n Greet

G'day! The coffee is brewing and there's a plate of my Skinny Chocolate awaiting.  I know you join me on the sporadic and irregular times when I do post and I'd like to introduce you to my new digs

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Homeschooling at SimplySusan

Five Necessary Gospel Points to Share

As parents we all want to raise our children in the ways of the Lord, to teach them His ways, to teach them His story. Oh, but there is so much to do, to read, to share. Where do we start? We start

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